Monday, September 07, 2009

Contest Winners - The Last Woman Standing Blog Tour

Okay, so this picture has absolutely nothing to do with the blog tour contests, but it's a pic of the pair of shoes I wore to the book release party for The Last Woman Standing! I think they might give the shoes on the front of the book a run for its money. What do you think? Now on to the real business.

Drum Roll Please....

The winners of The Last Woman Standing Blog Tour contest are listed below. Included are names, the blog where the correct answers/comments to the trivia questions were posted, and the prize won. The winners were drawn randomly out of all correct answers during the blog tour week.

1. Tangie, Urban Christian Fiction Today - Winner's choice of $5 gift card to Smoothie King or Panera Bread

2. Renee Williams, Urban Christian Fiction Today - $5 Chick-Fil-A gift card

3. Linda Chavis, APOOO --$10 Borders Gift Card

4. Val, SORMag -- Autographed copy of The Last Woman Standing

5. DM, APOOO -- Autographed copy of The Last Woman Standing

Oh yeah, I bet you want to know the answers to those trivia questions.

1. What's the name of Belinda's daughter (from Zora's Cry & The Truth About Love)? -- Hannah

2. What's Zora Bridgeforth Field's profession? -- High school guidance counselor

3. In A Heart of Devotion, Sherri Dawson started her own line of clothing for petite women. What was the name of it? -- Short Ragz

4. In The Last Woman Standing, where did Sheila meet her boyfriend, Ace? -- A restaurant in Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.

5. Tia participates in an annual tour with six other Christian authors. What's the name of the tour? -- The Anointed Authors On Tour

6. Tia is blessed with the gift of writing, but if she could choose another gift to add to that what would it be? -- Singing!

7. What's Tia's favorite cuisine? -- Italian! (Mamma Mia!)

8. Name at least one of Tia's speaking topics. (Okay, you'll have to go to my website for that!)

9. Tia uses an acronym (D.E.V.O.T.I.O.N) to encourage aspiring writers. What does the "I" represent? -- Invest in your dream. Inspire yourself.

10. What is the name of Monet Sullivan's long-time (but unequally yoked) love interest in Zora's Cry? -- Bryce Coleman

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