Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Meet LaCricia A'ngelle, author of Girl, Naw

LaCricia A'ngelle is a licensed Evangelist, writer, and the President and CEO of His Pen Publishing, LLC. A native of Chicago, LaCricia currently resides in Tennessee wit her four children. Girl, Naw! is her first novel.

Her writing career began when she was a child writing songs and short stories. LaCricia has always had a God given gift of putting words together.

As a Christian Fiction author, LaCricia not only writes for entertainment, but she also writes for ministry. Her goal in every piece of written work is to draw someone closer to Christ. The characters face real situations. LaCricia writes so that anyone can read her work and get something out of it, whether they are young or old. When you read a LaCricia A'ngelle original prepare to laugh, cry, pray, and stop to say "hmmm."

Antoinette Walker has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. Those that know and respect her think she has it all, a wonderful husband, children that thrive in school, and a counseling practice that is growing by leaps and bounds. When hidden things from her past begin to surface, they threatened to destroy everything Antoinette loves. Only God can give her the strength to continue to counsel other women as she struggles with her own issues of forgiveness. Will her faith be strong enough to help her stand in the midst of opposition?



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For more information about LaCricia, visit her at http://lacriciaangelle.com/


Shelia E. Lipsey said...

Giving you a shout out. You're a great author, Lacricia A'ngelle. May God bless you to write many more heartfelt, true to life stories!

Ty said...

Thanks, Tia! I know LaCricia will appreciate the feature on your blog today.