Monday, May 18, 2009

Victorious Magazine Launch Celebration

VICTORIOUS Magazine is the cornerstone of our public communication, providing access to articles representing our victorious message! By reaching out directly to each woman and touching on the concerns that are on her heart we are able to encourage her to press on toward her dreams to live victoriously, taking control of her own destiny and achieving her true purpose. Our editorial content is designed to validate the importance of the things that appeal to her on all levels - personally, professionally, spiritually, and mentally - in a way that only women can understand.

Our article categories include Destiny & Purpose, Inspiration & Empowerment, Stewardship, Victorious Living, Victorious Wellness, and Style & Grace. The publication launched its digital version March 30, 2009. The first print issue of VICTORIOUS MAGAZINE will hit the newsstands September 2009, with an initial circulation of 25,000.

Featured Columnist - Arnita Fields
Poet, writer, author and publisher, Arnita L. Fields is also a minister of the gospel who teaches the word of God with clarity and simplicity. She has a burning passion and desire to see that all marriages in the body of Christ operate and function in the divine order of God. Arnita has published to date three collections of Christian poetry, “Rescued, Restored, Renewed & Revived” (2006), “And the Beat Goes On” Poems from a Restored Marriage (2007), THE WORD…A Poetry Connection” (2009) and the soon to be released America’s Change…A Poetic View (Spring 2009). Arnita was a contributing author in the “This far By Faith” anthology (2007).


Article Title: A Mother By Faith
In the bible there was a woman by the name of Hannah who was the wife of Elkanah. Now Hannah was a woman of faith, humility, fortitude, and resilience. Even when faced with adversity, she did not render evil for evil but showed forth love. When she was not able to conceive still she walked in both motherly wisdom and love towards others, this made her a mother by faith. Becoming and operating as a mother takes more than just birthing forth a child, it takes faith, love and a desire to see something grow and thrive even after you have been asked to release it.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mom's The Word Blog Tour With Marilynn Griffith

Marilynn Griffith stops by Tia's Pen today to provide a peek into her world of motherhood and family. She's the author of eight novels, mother to seven children, wife to a deacon and proof of God’s enduring mercy. You can catch Marilynn sharing her family adventures all week on the Mom's the Word Blog Tour.

I Found the Remote in My Purse

Seriously, a few years ago, I'm at the store, reaching into my purseto get my wallet. I feel something about the right shape and size,pull it out and...IT'S THE REMOTE TO MY TV!!!

And my children, who have perpetrated this injustice against me don'tsay a word. Not even a snicker!Well, I made up for their silence bytotally cracking up. I shouldn't have as I was trying to be a good mom and let them know that this wasn't funny, but my husband had been looking for that remote the entire evening before and all the while I'd been walking around with it!

The explanation?

Well, you told me to put it away so that he (brother) couldn't get it again and change the channel. Since we're not supposed to go in your purse, that seemed like a good place to hide it."Do you see the logic here? (Or lack of it). I did stop laughing eventually (just before the people in line behind me stopped) but later on I got to thinking about God and how I sometimes disobey Him in order to obey Him which makes no sense at all.

And yet, He loves me.

And He loves you too.

I guess I got the better parent in the deal. Still, these are times we will remember when the kids are grown and gone. Embarrassing, but fun. So...LOOK in your purse before you go to pay for something...and look into your heart when you start shoving things in places they don'tbelong.

God has a place for everything. Especially you!

About the Book - Mom's The Word

When her tall, dark, delicious husband joins their three kids in calling her “Mom,” Karol Simons has an identity crisis. Sure she loves the pint-size trio, but what’s happened to her dreams of writing a novel? Determined to have it all, she turns to her neighbor for help.

Dyanne Thornton is thrilled to stand in as Mom for three weeks so Karol can write. Bursting with baby fever, the career-woman trades her glamorous clothes and four-inch heels for the playground and potty training. She hopes to convince her reluctant husband they should start a family of their own, right away.

Everyone’s in for some big surprises…

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Monday, May 11, 2009

The Last Woman Standing -- The Countdown Begins

Take a deep let it out. That's how I feel right now.

I've had a moment -- although briefly -- to exhale. However, it's time for the second wind to kick in. You see, I ran track in high school. I was a sprinter, but every now and then, I was pulled in by the coach to run the 400 meter dash. Now to the long distance runner, that might not seem daunting, but for someone who was used to sprinting the 100 and 200 races, it seemed like a never-ending run. But something would always happen when I rounded the last bend. Maybe it was seeing the finish line. Maybe it was the cheers from my teammates on the sidelines. But I always kicked it up a notch and found an extra burst of energy to make it to the end.

On August 1 my fourth book, The Last Woman Standing, will hit bookstore shelves. That date will by no means be the end of my work with that book, my past books, or any future titles, but it is a finish line of sorts. No, I take that back. It's a milestone. And I'd love for you to celebrate with me. You can PRE-ORDER the book now and let it be one less thing on your to-do list for August. Hey, I'm all about making life simple. Smile!

Just in case you're wondering if this one is a pageturner, read the summary below. I'm sure it will convince you!

The Last Woman Standing
Lynette Bowers had no intention on falling in love with her ex-husband, “Ace” Bowers. After all, it has been ten years since their marriage ended, and two years since the beginning of his relationship with the younger and prettier, Sheila Rushmore. Besides Sheila, everyone knows that only a fool makes the same mistake twice, especially when it comes to marriage.

Ace seems stuck between his past and his future. With his conflicting emotions, he risks losing two women who hold a significant place in his heart. It’s going to take his faith and God’s love to handle the ensuing drama.

Sheila is starting to see Ace’s ex-wife as a threat to her lifelong dreams of achieving the happily-ever-after. Sheila is used to getting what she wants – except Ace’s commitment to marriage. When Sheila realizes Lynette may be the cause, she launches a plan to play the hand of God, instead of allowing Him to bring the love all three of them desire.