Thursday, October 02, 2008

Book Club Shout Out!

Consider this my public thanks of appreciation to all of the book clubs who've supported me this year in 2008. Somewhere in the many folders on my thumb drive and laptop hard drive, there are also pictures of my visits with "Redeeming Love," and "The Queens" book clubs. Notice I said SOMEWHERE. I can't find them. So if either of the two book clubs can pass me a picture of our memories, I'd graciously appreciate it! Until then, enjoy the photos...

The Women of Character Book Club (Orlando, FL)
The Women of Character Book Club was my gracious host when I combined business and pleasure during a trip to Orlando. And we won't even talk about that red velvet cake that they sent me home with...double yum!!

Brown Suga Book Club (Stone Mountain, GA)
Following the weekend of the devastating tornado that hit the Atlanta area, I met with these ladies at Gladys Knight's Chicken and Waffles. We endured a hail storm together while we waited for our meals, with hail the size of golf balls pelting the restaurant. What an adventure. I must admit, I was the scaredy cat!

Circle of Sisters Book Club (Atlanta, GA)

Good folks. Good food. Good fellowship. I met with these delightful group of sisters of the Circle of Sisters Book Club and the Second Saturday Book Club (See below). Can anyone spot Wanda? She's a member of both book clubs and dashed upstairs to change shirts so she could be in both pictures!

Second Saturday Book Club (Atlanta, GA)

Global Impact Christian Ministries (Riverdale, GA)

This is the book club you want to visit if you want to throw down with some food. The last time I visited them, the food theme was "casseroles." I was so stuffed I could hardly keep my eyes open to discuss the book. But I perked right up when I had some of the "chocolate surprise." Love ya ladies. I'll see you in December!

Virtuous Women Christian Book Club (Atlanta, GA)

The name speaks for itself. These women ooze with virtue and class! My special thanks to Candace (my fellow church member) for helping to set this up. You all are rare jems and I speak for all Christian authors when I thank you for supporting us.

Sistahs in Harmony & Sistahs in Conversation Book Clubs (Stockton, CA)

My flight from the East Coast to the West Coast was well worth it to meet with these ladies. Can't you tell by looking at them that they do all things in excellence? Donna is an excellent organizer and a true woman of God. I visited these book clubs as part of a city stop with The Anointed Authors On Tour. My personal thanks also goes out to Patrice, Stephanie and Dee Dee.