Thursday, August 13, 2009

Maurice Gray: Taking Ownership

Content provided by Linda Beed

As writers we set our focus on goals that we believe are attainable, we then set out to construct a plan to bring our aspiration to fruition. If we are not careful, without knowing it we allow the process of writing, publishing and promoting to own us rather than taking ownership of the ministry tool it was meant to be.

As an independent publisher Maurice learned early on that the process of writing and publishing a book could not be done in a vacuum; nor would it be without those casting doubt on his choice of independence.

Negative remarks increased as he remained faithful to the decision he made in a world where having the term self-published attached to your work automatically categorized you as a literary pariah. In the midst of it all Maurice pressed through connecting with seasoned authors and industry professionals for the purpose of being mentored.

What is admirable about Maurice’ journey through the highs and lows of the business is that he never believed that he could not publish his work. He did not believe that he could do it alone. He did not believe that he should continue to grow in skill and knowledge. Most of all he did not believe that he should keep pearls of wisdom passed on to him, to himself.

Through his naturally giving nature author Maurice Gray has found a happy balance between publishing and giving back. Maurice has been the quiet force that has nurtured many novice authors toward publication excellence. His calm demeanor, penchant for humor and fund of knowledge for both the editorial and business side of the craft has been invaluable to many.

To date Maurice has published two novels (To Whom Much Is Given and All Things Work Together) through his publishing company. His third novel – Female Problems releases in 2010. Known to lend a hand to others Maurice has contributed to two successful anthologies (Traveling Mercies in Blessed Assurance [2005]). His current entry is Long Term in the June 2009 The Soul of a Man release from Peace in the Storm Publishing. He is also the ‘as told to’ co-author of Livingston Lee’s – I Really Didn't Mean To Get HIV.

Determination to fulfill the vision he saw many years ago has kept him going. Rather than allowing publishing to own him, Maurice has taken ownership of his literary talents. That ownership has turned into a gift that others benefit from opening as often as possible.

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Maurice M. Gray Jr said...

Thanks for having me Tia!

Joey Pinkney said...

This blog tour that Maurice has embarked on is amazingly effective in letting the world know both his intentions and his personality.

I learned a lot about him while spending time with Mr. Gray at the Georgia Black Business Expo and later that same day at the Borders book signing in nearby Lithonia.

He is very personable, very forthcoming with infomation yet firm in his beliefs and goals.

What struck me as most honorable is the fact that as a publisher, he wants to help his authors help themselves. Not only is he willing to pass what he's learned, he's also committed to make sure his authors' works are cared for just as his own books.

Thank you.