Monday, November 20, 2006

For the Love of Writing

Well it's three days from Thanksgiving so I'm standing up now to say what I'm thankful for...well, actually just one things since my list is so long that I could post everyday for the next 10 years and never repeat one! I'm thankful that God chose me to walk this journey of being a writer. The great thing about it is that this is just the beginning. Books? You think that's all I've got in me?

I remember the time when I was dreaming about being an author. I'd wake up daily and do the best I could to "cheer myself up" to go to my nine to five. The job wasn't even bad. It's just that when you've seen the road sign pointing you to your destiny, you're never satisfied until you're walking that journey.

So here I am. Walking that journey. And loving every minute of it. With a growing and inquisitive seven month old, I don't get to write as often as I like. But when I do, it's amazing. "Write now" I'm working on my third novel...the sequel to Zora's Cry. To those of you who've read Zora's Cry already, you know I couldn't leave you hanging! I'm enjoying the process of writing...getting back to the love of it -- instead of writing because I've got a deadline looming.

I love knitting words together to make the perfect sentence. It's those kind of sentences that make a single tear drop, or causes the heart to flutter with expectation. I don't remember the exact quote right now, but it says something about how your writing should not tell a person that it's raining, but give them the feeling that they're being rained upon. Well for this next book, get ready to get rained on!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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